Hi, I’m Anthony Hartshorn. I live in London.

I’m …

  • the Machine Learning Engineering Lead at Genie AI where we are building the future of legal services. We use cutting edge NLP to make intelligent tools for lawyers. I lead the research.

  • a EF alumni (LD10) and I advise and develop NLP tools for the educational charity AimHi.

  • a Mandarin and German learner, and lifelong hacker.

  • interested in internet privacy, environmentalism, linguistics, accessibility in law, gardening, and running.

Find any of this interesting? Email me at me@{this website} or DM me on twitter, linkedin or GitHub to talk.


  • Lead a 2 year InnovateUK collaboration with Marta Kwiatkowska’s team at Oxford in explainability and robustness in NLP. We’ve developed a novel way of explaining transformer models based on a game based framework, published a way of assessing robustness of machine learning models to adversarial examples using a monte carlo tree search, and developed techniques to explain machine learning models decisions causally. [Genie]
  • Lead a 2 year InnovateUK collaboration with the computational privacy group at Imperial college. We’ve developed techniques to assess vulnerabilities to authorship attribution attacks on text (automatically determining the author of a piece of text from their writing style), and potential ways to mitigate these risks. [Genie]
  • Developed countless proof of concepts of intelligent potential features and productionized the most promising into the Genie product.
  • Worked with great advisors such as Jun Wang, Former Supreme Court President Lord Neurberger, and Adam Ziegler who created case.law [Genie]
  • Lead the technical due dillegence aspects of several funding rounds. [Genie]
  • Previously founder of legal tech company through EF. We managed to raise a bit of money and got some traction, but it was ultimately unsucessful and we pulled the plug. I learned a lot, and remain plugged into the startup ecosystem.
  • Previously worked at Signal AI where I was researching reported speach detection in news (detecting quoations that are indirect and not within quotation marks).
  • Cut my software teeth as a Java developer at IBlocks and as a software engineer at TNG Technology Consulting in Germany.

I’m an alrounder technologist with extensive experience in taking products from conception, product development and production. I’m a polyglot software engineer who can write well engineered software, perform devops and deploy to production.